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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Snatches, pulls, Ocean

Started phase 2 so nothing heavy, just braking back in.
Snatch 40kx3, 50x3, 60x3, 70x1x2, 80x1
Snatch pulls from blocks 90x3, 100x3, 110x3x3
Glute ham raise 3x7
Lat pulldowns 3x8
Bent row 50kx7, 70x7, 80x7x2
Jump rope 25/15sec rest/25 x 5 sets, superset with standing weighted abs 4x10

Walk/run on beach 1 mile, jump in ocean 54 degrees, air temp 64...

Kill It,
Irish Celt

Monday, November 25, 2013

Phase 2 off season

This week I start phase 2 of the off season.  Last week was a great back off week.  A back off week consist of still training the same amount of days but doing different exercises, supersetting, lighter weight and more conditioning.  I throw a back off week every 4th or 5th week of training depending on how I feel.  It allows the body and nerve system to recover and breaks up the monotony.
Phase 2 will be much of the same as the first 3 weeks, but with a little more weight added.
So don't let the Holidays deter you from your goals- get out and train.  Champions are not born they are created!

Kill it,
Irish Celt

Saturday, November 16, 2013

11/16 Chest n arms

Clearly the easiest workout of the week.  No wonder everyone likes this workout..
Which way to the beach???????
All pounds today
BB Bench 145x8, 205x8, 225x8, 250x8, 275x8
Incline DB 60x8x3
Band standing flies 2x10
Lateral raise 25x8x2
2" barbell/ tricep rope extension superset 4x8
standing supinating DB curl/ pushdowns, superset 3x8
Kneeling weighted abs 80x10, 90x8x2
run 50yrd, walk 40- 4x

Go get it

Kill it,
Irish Celt

Thursday, November 14, 2013

11/14 squats/ presses

Back to basics ALWAYS works!!!
Today did some light front squats and rears.  Started with a power clean to press.  I'll finish this 4th week saturday then take a back off week for the 5th which will be some crossfit workouts for the week.  One thing I have learned after 35+ years of lifting is to listen to your body!!  I finally have, and know when to back off.
1 power clean + press 50kx8, 50x8, 70x7, 80x7
Front squats 50kx5, 70x5, 90x5, 130x5
Rear squats narrow stance 50kx7, 90x7, 120x7, 150x7, 160x7   
one arm DB tricep extension 25x10x4
Pushdown 2x10
Rope whips 15sec on 10 off superset with
Standing wtd. abs x10- 5x
800# chain drag 4x25 steps

Keep at it, never give up

Kill it,
Irish Celt

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

11/12 Snatch and pulls

Stared 4th week of off season.  Feeling good, holding weight at 287.
Still breaking into full snatches- ouch....
Snatch- 40kx3x2, 50x3, 60x3, 70x2, 80x1x2- timing is way off from doing power snatches for the last 6 months..
Snatch pulls- 100kx3, 110x3, 120x3, 125x1x3
Glute ham 3x7
ring pull ups 2x8
Bent row- been loving these, havent done them in years. 50kx7, 70x7, 80x7, 90x6x2
rope pulls 24kx 3

jump rope 25x10sec rest x 25
Wtd. abs  80x8  
Both superset for 7 rounds

Kill it, 
Irish Celt

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Beach workout- Chest n arms..

Yup the famous beach workout..  Only I dont ignore my legs..ha ha
Incline DB 30#x10, 45x10, 60x8, 70x8, 80x8, 100x8
Flat BB bench 135#x10, 225x8x3
Band low fly 2x8
2" bar curls superset with cable extension for tris.  3x8
DB preacher superset with the same tri 3x8
Kneeling weighted abs with cable 70#x10, 80x10, 90x10
440 yards, run 50yrds, walk 40yrds.
BW 287

Monday morning ill do some stair work 10x8 stairs as fast as possible.

Kill it,
Irish Celt

Friday, November 8, 2013


I'm loving the volume work, so I am slowly adding intensity.
Strict press, power clean the weight- 50kx7, 60x7, 70x7, 80x5
Front squat- wanted to go heavier but need to find a better way to hold the weight on my shoulders.  i was using straps rapped around the bar, but it kept slipping off the heavier i went.- 50x5, 90x5, 120x5, 150x3-slip
Box squats- 50x7, 90x7, 120x7, 150x5
Hack squats- 70x10
800lb. chain drag- 4x40steps
Standing weighted abs super-set with tricep pushdowns 5x8-10

Slowly working my way up in squats..  Its a long off season...  First game in March..

Kill it,
Irish Celt

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Training: Neart chun tionchar an-mhór

I decided to start posting my workouts to my blog.  Hope you enjoy them!
This is the 3rd week of my off season training.  It feels good to do some full snatches and some volume training to rehab and build up my strength!!
Snatch 40kx3, 50x3, 60x2, 70x1x2, 80x1, slowly getting back into the full movement.
Snatch grip pulls 100kx3, 110x3, 120x1x4
Glute ham raise 3x7
Wide grip pull ups 2x7
Close grip pulldowns 170#x7, 190x7
Bent over row 50kx6, 70x6, 80x6
Conditioning- jump rope 25-10sec rest-25, superset with standing weighted abs 70#, 80#, 5x through

Already getting my strength back..  Now to not get too stiff...  I will continue with the volume through December, then come Jan. start getting into pre season as my first game will be Mar. 2 at the Arnold classic..
Kill it,
Irish Celt 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Another season finished

Stone Mtn. HG last weekend was a fine way to end the season.  All the guys I throw with are first class and great throwers.  I finished a respectable 3rd place in this tough group.
This 2013 season saw me winning my 3rd World title and setting 4 new World records in the 22# Hammer, 16# hammer, 16# sheaf toss and 22# sheaf toss.  Now it is time for rehabilitation training for the next 2 months to rest my body and mind!
January I will start to pick up the pace a bit with heavier weights.  Next year will be a great year with the World Championships in Scotland.
A "tentative" schedule for next year;
March- The Arnold Classic 
April- Southern Md.
         -Loch Norman, NC
        - Canada
May- Maryville, Tn.
July- Grandfather Mtn, NC
Sept- Virginia HG
       - Estes Park, Co
       - Loon Mtn, NH
       - Scotland
Oct- Stone Mtn.    

Thanks to my sponsor for their support and superior products

Kill it,
Irish Celt

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

ultimo Maximo

The last game of the 2013 season is fastly approaching.  Stone Mtn. HG is next Sat the 19th of Oct. "The Grand Finale."  I am feeling really good going into this last game, but ready to get on with the off- season.  I have some big things planned for 2014...  I would like to thank my Love, Sharon for putting up with and supporting me through this great journey!!  My sponsor for their unending support, Tim and the crew over at  Look for an article they put together on me in the GNC publication in Dec.  Lastly all my Highland games family, the constant encouragement and commardre is what keeps me going!!
I know this sounds like and end of season post, but I was feeling it, so here you have it!  I will give an end of season re-cap post after Stone mtn.

Kill It, 
Irish Celt

Monday, September 2, 2013

Update- Fortis Ingressus

Just competed in the Virginia Scottish Games this past weekend.  The Pro division was tough, I managed a 4th out of 6 finish.  I did however win the Caber toss and set a new Masters 50+ World record in the 20# Sheaf toss.  My next game is this weekend the 7th at Estes Park, Colorado.  This will be another tough Pro class.  Rest and recovery for this week!
I'll make sure and get some pix!!  I have been playing around with my diet and technique, so hopefully I will get it all together for the Pro Masters games in 3 and 6 weeks respectfully.
Special thanks to my sponsor Bio-rhythm for their continued support and excellent products!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Mid Season

Just wanted to touch base with everyone as I know it has been some time since my last post!  In May I won my third World title in the 45-49 age group.  Two weeks later in Kentucky I set three new World Records in the 50-54 class.
I have three more big games coming up;
Aug 31- Virginia
Sept.21- New Hampshire
Oct. 19- Georgia
Im feeling really good right now.  I had a few tweaks going into my last game at Grandfather mtn., NC, so nothing big there.  I did however win the Pro Caber toss.
Thank you everyone for your support and i will continue to strive for #1...
I will update after Virginia games...

Kill it,
Irish Celt

Friday, April 26, 2013

Typical day of Diet...

I had some requests to post what I ate in a typical day.  So here goes;
  1. Meal 1- 1 cp ckd oats, 30g protein pwdr, water
  2. Snack - piece of fruit usually apple or berries
  3. Meal 2- same as meal 1
  4. Snack- cliff bar
  5. Meal 3- 1 LG bowl mixed greens, sliced cheddar cheese, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, 5 oz grilled chicken breast, 1/2 cp sweet potatoes, 1cp steamed cabbage, 1/2 cp steamed brocolli
  6. Snack- Cliff bar
  7. Meal 4- same as meal 3 EXCEPT no salad
  8. Snack- raw almonds
  9. Meal 5- Salad like above, 5 oz lean sirlion, brown rice pasta with no sugar sauce
  10. Meal 6- 2 cps puffed Kamut cereal, 30g protein, water.
8-10 hrs of sleep
Water- probably about gallon +... Water is the only thing i drink.
Chiropractic adjustments 3-4x/wk
Massage 1-2x month
Workouts- lift, throw and conditioning- 2x/wk, Throw 2-3hr session/wk, Beach walk or sprints 2x/wk.
Usually 1-2 days off from any training.

Workout supplements are from
They are by far the best I have taken, and I have been for 35+ years.  They include for me
Kre Alkalyn - a great Creatine supp. that you DO NOT have to load up on.
Post Workout- Afterglow
Pre Workout- TBD
Protein- Whole Gains- mixes really easy and quick.

Daily supplements are all from Standard Process
Cod liver oil
Cataplex C- Vit C
Cataplex B- B complex
Trace minerals with B12
Ligaplex II- feeds musculoskeletal system and provides freedom of movement 
Calcium lactate
All of these are from whole foods.
For me this is the recipe to perform and recover at the best of my ability!!!

I am distributor for both companies..
And Thank you of course to my sponsor Bio Rhythm..

Kill it,
Irish Celt

Friday, April 12, 2013

5 weeks and counting/FOCUS...

With 5 weeks left till the World Championships my training and focus has ramped up with the emphasis on more throwing.  Strength levels are where they need to be so i am happy with that.  As I enter my In-season phase of training I dropped a day of lifting and picked up a day of throwing.  I hit all the lifts I need to do over 2 days and the 3rd day is 5-6 event training/throwing.  Right now I also do 1 event on the 2 lift days.  I will do this until I have achieved enough repetitions to feel comfortable, then drop them.
I would like to thank my sponsor  There supplements are great and they put a lot of effort into formulation and quality control.
Slow and steady.
Kill It,
Irish Celt

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

8 weeks to Worlds

The final push is on.  7 hard weeks of training coming up.  The 8th week is a back off week followed by the World Championship in Albuquerque, New Mexico, May 18.  Training to date has gone very well, slow and steady.  My numbers are right were they need to be in the gym, so now more focus will fall on throwing and technique.
I will still be in the 45-49 class.  The games are 2 days before my 50th.  But no worries, I have goals to break several World records in the 50+ class.
I want to thank my sponsor Bio Rhythm for their unwavering support and world class supplements:  

Kill It,
Irish Celt  

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Off Season Training/2013 Season

Hope everyone had a great holiday.  It's now time to get back to business.  My off season training is going as planned.  Im hitting the squats heavy while keeping all the other lifts fast and explosive.  I will start some light throwing this weekend, Hammer and drills with light weight.
2013 will be a huge season for me.  I turn 50 on May 20, which is 2 days AFTER Worlds.  That still leaves me in the 45-49 group.  After May 20, I have my eye set on 5 World records im going after in the 50-54 group.  I have 8 games planned this year with invites to Holland and Germany.  Local games will be; New Mexico, Kentucky, NC, Virginia, Colorado, New Hampshire, Idaho, Pa., and Georgia. 
I am also going to compete in March for the Masters Weightlifting National Championships which will be held in NJ.  This is going to be a fun meet.  I will throw it in as a workout day for my throwing training.
Thanks to my sponsors for making the best supplements in the world- Bio Rhythm and Standard process.

Kill It,
Irish Celt