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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Off Season Training/2013 Season

Hope everyone had a great holiday.  It's now time to get back to business.  My off season training is going as planned.  Im hitting the squats heavy while keeping all the other lifts fast and explosive.  I will start some light throwing this weekend, Hammer and drills with light weight.
2013 will be a huge season for me.  I turn 50 on May 20, which is 2 days AFTER Worlds.  That still leaves me in the 45-49 group.  After May 20, I have my eye set on 5 World records im going after in the 50-54 group.  I have 8 games planned this year with invites to Holland and Germany.  Local games will be; New Mexico, Kentucky, NC, Virginia, Colorado, New Hampshire, Idaho, Pa., and Georgia. 
I am also going to compete in March for the Masters Weightlifting National Championships which will be held in NJ.  This is going to be a fun meet.  I will throw it in as a workout day for my throwing training.
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