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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 2- Final results

Well, I did it. I came up from 5th and took 3rd... Wow, what a incredible day... First event I won the HW, and missed a new World Record by 1'. Second event LH, 3rd behind the 2 Scotts with a nice throw of 121'. Third event WOB- this was for the World Champion Masters Weight over bar and I pulled it out with a pr of 19'. That was all the scoring events and I pulled out 3rd by 1 point- Hell yeah!!! Next was a monster Challenge caber, about 19' 180#- I turned it on my second attempt for the win and was the only one to turn it!!!
I would like to thank my Dad and Cousin Joey for there support out there on the field!!!
Also the Germans invited me to do a game next week in Frankfurt- so hell yeah I will be there!!!
3 prs, BS, HW and WOB...

Kill it,
Irish Celt

Results Day 1

This is by far the most talented Masters Athletic field I have ever competed against. I am sitting 1/2 point out of 4th- so 5th place right now. I have some good events today, so if I have an above average day I can pull out 3rd. My pr Braemar was only good enough for 7th place- wow... The Germans have 3 guys, one was National East German champ and Olympian in shot putt, the other Olympian Hammer thrower and the other is built like Arnold.
I was pleased with my stones- BS- 36 2 for 7th, OS- 44+ for 5th, HH- disappointed, my first throw slipped then I never recovered holding on too tight, I only managed a 93+ for 5th. Also a bit down in the LW with 68+ for 4th. Then I had a good caber tieing for 1st. The 2 Scotts dominated the HH, throwing 112+...
Today HW, LH, Challenge Caber, WOB
More later...

Kill It,
Irish Celt

Friday, August 27, 2010

In Belgium

In Belgium getting ready to head to field. I have been to the venue, the Castle is breathtaking. Ill get some pix up soon, Internet is spotty. Im staying at a B&B in Grammene/Dienze. From what im told some really big WWII battles were faught around here. Went to Gent yesterday which dates back to 600... Wow, the architecture was amazing. A cool town with lots of people walking, cafes and sightseeing. The laungage barrier is a bit tough, but I am managing. Eating what you want is a challenge-nothing is in English... Just having a time and absorbing it all in!!! Well gotta throw some weights around...

Kill It,
Irish Celt

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In the Zone

After finishing 3rd last year at Worlds I had NO mercy on anyone. I came prepared for battle. I won 8 out of 9 events had 4 prs and set a new World Record in the 16# Sheaf tossing it 36' 5". I now understand what it means to be "in the zone" I truly felt it. It's like this, all the prep work has been done with hrs. upon hrs. of practice and lifting. You go on the field and your just thinking about competing, you hear nothing, you almost feel nothing, you step up and everything falls into place, and the pure joy and fun of watching the impliments go real far... Thanks to Sharon for helping me get ready for this game and being their for support!

Now I prep for Belgium...

Live Strong

Irish Celt

Friday, August 13, 2010

Colorado day before

Here I am sitting in my Hotel room in Lakewood, Colorado the day before the World Championships. It's 8:24am mountain time, Im eating my oats and have the slider wide open enjoying the 65 degree, 36% humidity weather.
The Mountain views are breathtaking, and driving through Denver last night was fun. Dinner at Whole fooods was just what we needed to put us down for a nice 10hr. sleep!
Not too much today, just resting up for tommorrow. Have to be at the field tonight to pick up packet...
I'll be in touch....

Live Strong,
Irish Celt

Friday, August 6, 2010

Tues. throwing session

Had the opportunity to practice with one of the top Pros in the World, Harrison Bailey on Tues. We practiced my 2 worse events right now- stone and 28. He really picked some things out, and I tried them and immediately threw farther. Cant wait to practice this wknd.
Preparations are going well for Colorado with the idea of peaking for Belgium!
Will keep everyone posted...
Remember- Never miss and opportunity to get better at anything, do what you want to do in LIFE- if your NOT it's your own fault!!!
Make it happen!!

Live Strong,
Irish Celt

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Worlds Prep

Preparations for Worlds are coming along. I'm feeling good and strong... Only 4 more workouts left till Colorado. I've been working on some technical issues with throwing and im figuring some things out! Im due for some big numbers!!! Thanks out to Todd for pushing me on the weekends!!!

Live Strong,

Irish Celt