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Friday, June 15, 2012

Prep for Grandfather Mtn. HG

Started throwing yesterday for the first time since Worlds.  Giving my back time to heal.  I have however been hitting the weights on schedule.  In season is more about moving lighter weights as fast as I can.  I started hitting the beach on my off days from the gym and sprinting the hills at the accesses.  Its great short burst cardio and strength.  Then off course hit the Ocean.  I love the fact that while I am training on the beach and soaking in the ocean afterwards people are sitting in traffic somewhere heading to work and hatin' life..  I am truly blessed!  
Grandfather Mountain Highland Games are in 4 weeks and I am on schedule.  Not sure if my body will be able to handle doing the masters game the next day after throwing a full game day before with the pros?!  We will see.
Until next time, go out and enjoy LIFE and Carpe Diem...

Kill It,
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