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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beach HG/ Season over!

Beach HG were a HUGE success. The guys talked me into competing, I had a Light Hammer year best of 122' 4". John Collins pulled out the win in the open, Todd Bryant in the LW, Tim Stallings in the masters and Heather McKenzie in the woman's division!!
The season is over and time to plan next year and get some quality training in and family time!!
Kevin Rogers who is in charge of the Masters World Championships comprised a ranking base of all Masters World Championships from 2001-2011. He took all 796 athletic performances over the decade and put out a top 10 performance list.
I was honored when I saw that I had posted the BEST athletic performance in a World Championship last year in Colorado.. So #1 on the ranking list!!
HOORAH... Still plenty of work to do to keep ahead of gravity, if you know what I mean!!
I have already a list of games for next year including an invite to Germany to compete in a huge Masters game in May, just happens to be my Birthday weekend!!
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