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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Update Loon Mtn HG

After the WR toss.

Wow, when it think it could'nt get any better! Well first, when I arrived I had a Limo awaiting to pick me up, you know the guy holding the name sign, how awesome is that!!! Friday afternoon was the hammer throw at Plymouth State University. Again the Scotts show why they are #1, Alister Gunn with some nice throws winning both hammers... I could'nt find my groove with the light only throwing about 114+ for a 4th. The heavy was better with a 97+ for 2nd.

Sat. started good with the stones finishing 4th in both with mediocre throws 35+, 42+. Heavy weight was 3rd with 48+ and light weight was 2nd with 69+ and mediocre throws...

Caber 12 o'clock got me 3rd and WOB, which I won in Belgium with 19' was horrible only clearing 17'... With only 1/2 pt. ahead in second, I knew I had to win the next event which is a good event for me, the Sheaf... So here we go up to about 29' and I had 2 misses, there are still about 5 guys in, I had to make it or I would have dropped to 3rd or sure, so I made it on my last attempt...

So we work our way up to 34 6 and I make my first attempt and no one else made it, so i go 36 6 to break my old WR by 1", BAM- first attempt made it, the crowd of about 10,000 goes crazy. So I say "lets go higher".

So 37 6 for another WR, and BAM made it on first attempt... So what the hell go Higher- 38 6 for 3 good attempts but no go...

What an incredible feeling, people going nuts, shaking hands, congratulating, pictures- friggin awesome...

That night and the next day I went to eat and people are still congratulating me at the restuarant... Just simply amazing....

Stone Mountain HG in 4 weeks- I need some well deserved rest...

Kill It,

Irish Celt

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Hampshire HG

Gent, Belgium
This weekend I will be in NH for the games. Loon Mountain is the venue and last year there were 20,000+ cheering us on. You want to talk about a rush!!!

Im pretty much back to normal with my sleep. I had a great practice yeaterday, so we shall see!!! It will be a tough meet with some of the guys I competed with in Belgium plus a couple more great throwers!

Its good to back home and checking spines!!! However im already planning my trip for next year!

Friday 2pm starts the competition with the hammer throws at Plymouth State University. Then Sat. from 9-?...

I'll give updates ASAP!

Kill it,

Irish Celt

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Final days in Berlin

My German Family; Daniel, Liesa, Hans, and Magrit Dorow
My last 3 days were spent in a small town town outside of Berlin called Furstenwalde. It is the home of Sport Club, Stone- Walker ( ). Hans Dieter Dorow is the head master of the Club.

I have adopted this German family as my own... They took me in and treated me like family, Magrit, Hans wonderful wife fixed Breakfast every morning that was fit for a king, and dinners to fill you till morning. Their son, Daniel and his wonderful girlfriend Liesa showed me around Berlin and was my interpreter for the whole trip...

Hans is a brother in steel. At 51 his strength levels kept up with me in the Gym, we had a wonderful workout on Wed. Daniel and his friend Andre joined us. Oh yeah, Daniel and Andre are also Highland games competitors as well as Hans.

I first met Hans in Scotland last year and again in Belgium where we took the field together!

On Thurs. we traveled into Poland and had a great lunch with one of Han's friends...

I am now back in the USA and like they say "There is no place like home"... It was a LIFE changing and amazing experience. I recommend that everyone travel abroad- at least once!

Kill it,

Irish Celt

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Results Russelshiem, Germany

The Athletes in Russelshiem- we were bowing to the audience....
Well all I can say is that this was another amazing experience. I went up against Germany's top 3 in the country. There was a total of 15 guys competing. Started a bit rough, but average for me in the stones, these guys are great shot putters- Gunnan- germany's #1 was National shot put Champion in Germany and went to Olympics. I took 6th in OS and 5th in Braemar.

The weights were mine, hitting a pr in Light weight with 75' and the heavy weight 42'6 (it weighed light at 54#). I was 2nd in Heavy hammer with 99'5". I was 1 point out of 1st going into weight over bar, I got 1st (new pr)- 15' 4". That put me ahead going into Caber and I turned a perfect 12 to take the win and overall!!! Hoorah....

Off to Berlin to hang with Hans Dieter, a great guy- very strong!!!

Kill it,

Irish Celt

Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to Germany

I'm back in Germany preparing for another game here in Russelshiem, near Frankfurt. I dropped my Dad and Cousin at the airport this morning in Amsterdam then drove 5 hrs. here. I really got into some beautiful Germany countryside! It was made up of rolling hills and little villages. This is what we were looking for earlier.

I went over to the field and met the organizers, Bridgete and Frank. Nice people and really excited for me to be here. I better rest up tommorrow, I need to throw far Sunday- Hoorah!!!
Here is a picture of last weeks games and all the competitors...
Till next time,
Kill It,
Irish Celt

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

From Belgium, Germany to Amsterdam

Been a great trip so far. Went to Cologne, Germany on Mon. That was a cool city. Of course had lunch in the Hofbrauhaus- good food and beer, and visited the oldest known Cathedral in the world. Stayed in Essen, Germany that night then went to Utrecht, Netherlands tues. and spent the night- cool little town. Everyone rides bicycles, Elderly, Business people, young, and baby chairs on handlebars. It is an amazing site to see ALL the bikes in racks.... We are now in Amsterdam. Walked around a bit and the smell of pot will knock you on your a**. Of course it is legal here. You go in the coffee shops and order, low or high octane... I on the other hand will choose to go to the gym today- right next door to hotel. And perhaps a Hieneken tonight.
Well im off to train...
Kill it,
Irish Celt