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Friday, October 28, 2011

Meadow (Richmond) HG

This weekend brings me to the old Richmond games, which is now called Meadow HG. This is a great end of season games. It usually brings out some great Athletes, and this weekend will be no different. I will be competing in the pro division.
I will feel like I am in Scotland tomorrow as the temperature will be in the mid 40s and rainy...
Next weekend Nov. 5th will be the 3rd annual Beach HG in Currituck, sponsored by the Outcast Gym, NY Pizza Pub, Tar Heel II and Biorhythm supplements.

Kill It,
Irish Celt

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Celtic Classic HG

Sept. 24-25 of this year was the Highlight of my carrer as a Highland Games Athlete. I had the privledge to be on the field with such ledgends as; from right, Petur Gudmonnson World record holder- Iceland, Ryan Vierra 5x World Champ from Ca., Paul Ferency World record holder and Athletic Director from Pa., Alistar Gunn World Champion and World record holder from Scotland
We were showcased as the Legends of the games, The Celtic Classic in Bethlehem, Pa. This is were the Pro class holds the USA National Championships the same days.
This game is the biggest game on the East Coast with 200,000+ coming threw the gates over the weekend... Love the North East!!
I have to say I had a bit of jitters and my throwing was mediocre, however I turned a big Caber and took 4th in the Challenge Caber with the Pro's.
A huge Thanks to Paul Ferency and Steve Pulcinella for getting me in!!

Kill It,
Irish Celt

Monday, October 17, 2011

Stone Mtn. HG/ Change is in the air

I made the Gwinnett Daily Post

Stone Mtn. Highland Games were this past weekend in Ga. this game is always special to me because in 1993 while attending Chiropractic College I learned about the games, met Larry Satchwell and he taught me to throw.
After a hard fought battle with new commer to the Masters (40 yo) Kerry Overfelt (still an elite pro) I ended the day 2nd overall. We each won 3 events and he edged me out of the light hammer by 5"...
I won the Caber, Sheaf and Weight over the bar.
Next game is my closest games of the year, Meadow HG in Fredricksburg, Va.
Change is in the air...
Since my last game Sept.24 i have been hitting conditioning really hard.. Went from 313 to 301 in no time, took and inch off my waist and am losing bodyfat! My goal is to get in excellent cardio shape to start off the season next yr.
Yes, I am going to do another year. I already have an invite to compete in Germany for the European Masters Championship!

Kill It,
Irish Celt