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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Season re-cap

2012 was a great season.  I won my second World Championship and also won some big games.  I had a personal best in the Heavy Hammer with a throw of 103' 8".  My previous best was 101+ .  I only competed in 7 games this year as opposed to 15 the year before.  My body is in much better shape the end of this season compared to last.
My plan for next season is to do about 7-8 games.  I have decided to compete in Worlds, even though it is 2 days before my 50th B-day.  I was going to wait till 2014 to do Worlds so i can compete in the 50-54 class.  So for 2013 I will be in the 45-49 group again.
I have some lofty goals for when I turn 50.  There are 4 World records I am going after in that 50-54 class.  
Off season training has begun and I have a good template in place.
I will write in now and again and let you all know how training is going.
Thank you everyone for your support.

Kill it,
Irish Celt

Monday, October 15, 2012

Stone Mtn. HG last game of season

It's always great going back to Stone Mtn. games in Georgia. This is the first game I ever went to, met the right people and subsequently learned how to throw from a Highland games veteran Larry Satchwell.  Whats cool is, he announces there now.  This is the last game of the season I am throwing in.  I am hosting the 4th annual Beach games in Currituck Nov. 3.
I am throwing Pro Masters in this game and going up against two highly ranked open Pros who are on the lower side of 40.
Looking forward to the off season and relaxing my mind.  Training is one thing, but keeping in shape for throwing and competition is another.  It involves intense training sessions with weights and throwing combined.  The mental focus for that and getting up for a games to perform at your best is very draining to the Nerve system and brain.
It's the only way I know and that formula has worked quite well.  I am truley blessed.
Thank you all for your support.
Kill it,
Irish Celt

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Celtic Classic

This weekend is the Celtic Classic.  A huge game in Bethlehem, Pa.  It is the Open Pro National Championships.  They take the top 10 pros from our data base.  I was asked to commentate with the local TV station, kind of a Bob Costas gig.  I was honored and took the job.  It is a 2 day game and will televised locally in Pa.
Perhaps life after throwing in the HG?!  This is going to be really fun, looking forward to it.

Kill it,
Irish Celt 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Victory at New Hampshire HG

Thousands of people cheering you on, mountainesqe landscape, in the company of World class Athletes, friends and family watching, etc...  That was the setting for the New Hampshire HG this year.  This is my 4th year going to this games and every year is more magical than the last.
I had a great games with some big clutch throws.  I won Braemar stone, light weight for distance, both the competition Caber and Challenge Caber, weight over the bar, whilst 52 year young Mike Baab tried for a new 50+ World record, also won the Sheaf and had 3 nice tosses trying for a new World Record- to no avail...
I emerged the Champ at the end of a hard fought battle.  I leave nothing in the tank, its all on the field.  Otherwise why would anyone do a sport half speed?  
I would like to thank my sponsors Shiek belts, Standard Process for the herbs and macro/micro nutrients and Bio Rhythm for the performance enhancing pre and post workout, Protein and Creatine!! 
One more game this year, 4 weeks to Stone Mtn. HG

Kill it,
Irish Celt

Monday, September 3, 2012

Virginia Scottich games

I did a great job recovering from the Montana games the week before Virginia.  Did a light recovery workout on Tuesday, ate good food and got lots of rest.  This was the rough and tough Pro crew for the games.  It was a hard fought battle all day.  I had an above average day and came out 2nd overall.  I won the Braemar stone, Caber and Sheaf.  Big Eric Frasure #4 rank Pro came out on top.  These guys are some of the best Athletes and even better people!!!  Fun with a mix of seriousness was had all day!!
I have 3 weeks to get ready for the Hew Hampshire Pro Masters game at Loon Mountain.  I hit the beach this morning for a nice walk, a few sprints up the dune and an ocean soak.  Light lift tomorrow then its full bore for the next 3 weeks.

Kill it,
Irish Celt     

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Masters Championships in Montana

I had a last minute invite to a new Pro Masters Championship in Hamilton, Montana.  And of course I will be there.  Training is going great, I will be ready.  The weekend after Montana I will be competing at the Virginia Scottish games in The Plains, Va.  This is a Pro meet.  Three weeks after is New Hampshire, Pro Masters, probably the biggest game of the year.  I am defending Champion.  This always makes it more interesting.  The peak of the season is approaching and i will hit it just right.  Come on out and watch if you can.

Kill It,
Irish Celt

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Grandfather Mtn. Results

There is always something special about the Grandfather Mtn. HG.  This year was the 57th year running.  The weather was perfect for a mid summer game in Carolina.  Partly cloudy high of 78 and low humidity.  Saturday I threw with the Pro class.  I had a personal record with the heavy hammer at 103' 8" for a second place behind one of our best hammer throwers Mike Pockoski.  I turned the Caber 3x but was not good enough as I turned 3, 11:45 and Wes turned it once for a 12:00.  I hit 15 standing WOB which is good for me..  I ended tie for 4th with big Kerry.
Sunday early morning again to throw with the Masters group.  Myself, Kerry and big Mike Nease threw Saturday and were a little beat up!
Kerry and I battled all day again trading 1st and 2nd's.  At the end Kerry won, but not without me pushing him.  I won the caber and sheaf.  I had 3 attempts at a new world record at 38', close but no cigar.  I still have a few games left to hit that!!  
Well im off to the gym to work out some of this soreness.

Kill it,
Irish Celt

Friday, June 15, 2012

Prep for Grandfather Mtn. HG

Started throwing yesterday for the first time since Worlds.  Giving my back time to heal.  I have however been hitting the weights on schedule.  In season is more about moving lighter weights as fast as I can.  I started hitting the beach on my off days from the gym and sprinting the hills at the accesses.  Its great short burst cardio and strength.  Then off course hit the Ocean.  I love the fact that while I am training on the beach and soaking in the ocean afterwards people are sitting in traffic somewhere heading to work and hatin' life..  I am truly blessed!  
Grandfather Mountain Highland Games are in 4 weeks and I am on schedule.  Not sure if my body will be able to handle doing the masters game the next day after throwing a full game day before with the pros?!  We will see.
Until next time, go out and enjoy LIFE and Carpe Diem...

Kill It,
Irish Celt

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2x World Champion

                                    Receiving my sword for 1st place

This past Saturday I stepped on the field for the Masters Highland Games World Championships and prevailed the winner to take my 2nd title.  I had 17 guys in my class and everyone was gunning for me!  I got through the day with 9 out of 9 Gold medals.  I tied for 1st in 2 events, Caber and WOB.  I was very pleased with my performance considering I had hurt my back 10 days before.  Chiropractic, Massage, PT, and liniments got me to 90% before the game.
Thank you everyone for their support and a HUGE shout out to my sponsors, Bio Rhythm, Standard Process and Shiek Belts.
Next game is in 7 weeks, Pro meet at Grandfather mountain, NC July 13.

Kiil it,
Irish Celt   

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

3 days to Worlds

Hoorah.  3 days to go.  Leaving tomorrow for Greenville to contest the Masters World Championships.  All the work has been done, slight tweak in the back- but I will adapt and overcome!!  Weather is calling for 104 heat index- very hot and humid!!  At least it will be good to keep the muscles nice and warm...  Well, I will post when its over.  Thanks all for your support!

Kill it,
Irish Celt

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

World Championships, May 26

Well maybe your wondering about my last game, Southern MD.  I decided it would be better to heal a little more and train more intensely for the World Championships.  With a little less than 3 weeks to go, I am feeling better than I have felt in a while.  Last season really took its toll on me and I am just now healed up from it.  I competed in 15 games in 4 different countries.  Its bad enough the toll competition takes on you let alone traveling.  I really have to give a lot of credit to my supplement sponsors, Bio Rhythm and Standard Process.  Without these great supplements it would have taken longer to heal up!  Bio Rhythm  supplies me with pre (new formula coming) / post (Afterglow) workout and a great quality Protein called Whole Gains.  Ask for Tim Gatti, he really knows his stuff!
Standard Process  supplies me with my Vits/Mins and herbs..  They only sell to Physicians, so go find a Chiropractor or MD that sells these great products.  All their blends are from whole foods.. 
If any of you are in the Greenville, SC area on the 26th of May- come on by and watch us compete..  It is going to be a huge Masters World Championships   with well over 100 Athletes from all over the world.  Click on who's coming.  I have 20 guys in my class.

Kill it,
Irish Celt

Sunday, April 15, 2012

2 weeks to first game

Southern MD Highland games are fastly approaching, April 28. Training has been going very well. This game will tell me where I am at and what I need to work on for the World Championships, May 26. Thank you everyone for their support and especially my sponsors, Bio Rhythm, Standard Process and Shiek Belts.

Kill It,
Irish Celt

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring is in the air

The fresh smell of cut grass, the birds chirping, but most of all the beginning of the Highland game season. Preparations are going as planned for my first game 28 April in Southern Maryland. My body is holding up OK.
Special thanks to my sponsors Bio Rhythm for their great pre and post workout recovery products, Standard Process for their great Whole food Vit/Min/Herbs and Family Chiropractic for keeping me lined up!
Without this support my body would have broken down long ago.
Get out and exercise, eat whole some foods, take your supplements and visit your Chiropractor weekly and be all you can be!

Kill It,
Irish Celt

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Update on Changes

A lot has been going on so here are some changes in my schedule..

Apr 28. Southern MD- Masters
May 12. Frederick MD- Pro
May 26. Masters Worlds, SC- Masters
June 23. Ohio. -Pro
July 14-15. Grandfather Mtn. NC- Pro/Masters
Sept. 1. Virginia HG- Pro
Sept. 14-15. Loon Mtn. NH- Masters
Oct. 20. Stone Mtn. Ga- Masters
Oct. 27. Richmond, Va- Pro
Nov. 3. Beach HG, NC- Masters

I am Coaching Shot put/Discus at First Flight HS... First meet is Mar.14
Needless to say I have been very busy with Training and Coaching, oh yeah and working!!

Kill it,
Irish Celt

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First up San Antonio

A little change in the schedule. San Antonio HG will be my first game this year, March 31. Training is right on schedule, bodyweight holding at 288-290, fitness levels are way up and overall performance is steadily climbing!
I took a Coaching job for the local High School starting mid Feb through mid April. Coaching shot put and discus. This should be fun!!
So I hope everyone is training in their own way and treating your bodies with the respect it deserves...

Kill It,
Irish Celt

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Year/12' Schedule

Happy New Year to all. First off I would like to thank my Sponsors- Bio-Rhythm Supplements, Standard Process whole food Supplements and Sheik Belts for there continued support through the new year and new season.
Training is right on target. Conditioning is as projected. Im settling in at about 289-291 which is about a 25lb weight loss.
Strength is up and joints are healed up. Throwing started Jan.1...
Here is a video of my 550 lb squat.. I know last year I did a 605 lb. squat, but I really didnt feel the need to stress my body out! I am focusing more on speed and flexibility this year!!
Here is 2012 Schedule;



Sarasota HG Feb. 4 Fl. Masters

San Antonio HG Mar. 31 Tx. Masters

Southern MD HG Apr. 21 MD. Masters

Kamen HG May 18 Germany Masters

Ohio HG June 23 OH. Pro

Grandfather Mtn HG July 14-15 NC Pro/Masters

Loon Mtn. HG Sept. 14-15 NH. Pro Masters

Celtic Classic HG Sept. 22-23 Pa. Pro Masters

Stone Mtn. HG Oct. 20 Ga. Pro Masters

Beach HG Nov. 3 NC Masters

2 add on's
Virginia HG
Sept. 1 Va. Pro

Richmond HG Oct.27 Va. Pro

More games may come ans some may go?? We shall see..

Kill It,
Irish Celt