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Friday, April 30, 2010

Rocky Mount HG

Rocky Mount Highland Games are approaching fast, May 15. This is the first yr. for Scottish heavy Athletics. We are throwing at the King Henry Renaissance fair, so I'm not sure their will be too many bagpipers there?!

I am competing Pro at this game, so time to get the 56 and 22 out!!!

I hit some pretty good lifts on Thursday and Sat. will be a throwing day with Sunday a lift day!!

Nursing a couple of dings, other then that feel pretty good. If you don't have a couple dings in this sport your not throwing hard enough!!!

This is truly the hardest sport I have been involved with that takes its toll on the body!!

Live Strong,

Irish Celt

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Southern Maryland HG

The day started out 55 and rainy... The Masters group, which i was in started in reverse order- definitely NOT my favorite. Its really hard to get in a groove. The WOB was first and I was a little off of accuracy but managed to nail 18' and just barely missed 19... 19-20' will fall this yr.!!! Next was sheaf. It was hard to get up for this after hitting a new WR last game. I won with 27', then went to 30' and made it. I was going to stop there but what the heck, people come for a show, so I went to 33' and just barely missed. I have to say that 3' jumps are not advised once over 30'.

LH was next and I was really expected 120'+... However not to be. 108 11 was the best I could muster on that.

Next was stone, I managed a 43 3 which I was happy about... Anything over 40' for me is good. Im feeling a whole lot more in me for this yr., say 46-48'???

Weights next, 42, 28... 42 went 47 11, not that bad, however the 28 only went 64+. I was really disappointed with that considering I have been hitting over 70'+ the last game and the last few games last yr.??

Last event Caber. Of course the guys pick the lightest stick their is, so its just a subjective event because almost everyone turned it... My best was a 12:05??? I mean come on, it was clearly a 12. Oh well, never argue with the judge.

So I won 6 out of 7 events, no prs, and 1st overall.

So today was a mediocre game. I felt really good going in, but as the day went on I realized I didnt get enough rest last week and a couple stressful situations through me off. Its really amazing, when you get to a certain level, the littlest things will throw your game off!?

The day drug out, 15 guys in my class so a minimum of 10+ minutes between throws, started about 10 and went straight through till about 5:30p! The rain subsided and the weather was over cast and about 55 which was nice for throwing.

I was so glad my family came out to watch.

Todd had a good solid game hitting some prs and finishing 2nd in the Am B's... Great job Todd!

Live Strong,

Irish Celt

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Week and a half out..

With less than 11 days to Southern MD HG training has been going great, a couple of dings here and there but nothing to complain about.

I got some great news today that my Family is coming out to the games, Mom and Dad and Sis with brother in law. Lets pray for good weather. Last year it was 100 on the field...

5 training sessions left... Going out tonight to throw. The weather is perfect 55 and sunny.

Live Strong,

Irish Celt

Friday, April 9, 2010

2 weeks to Southern MD.

Training is going as expected. Getting some good quality lifting and throwing. As I approach 47 training is based more on quality than quantity, which is very hard for me because I enjoy training so much! Recovery is the key to any successful training routine.
Be smart and train for LIFE...

Live Strong,
Irish Celt

Friday, April 2, 2010

San Antonio HG

My first game of the year was in beautiful San Antonio, Texas. I traveled with Todd and Tim both new comers to the sport. They have been training really hard with me. We all had a great day of throwing, Todd hit 6 personal records (prs) and came in first, Tim had 3 prs and came in 4th and I had 4 prs came in 1st and set a new World Record in the Sheaf toss.

Next game is in Southern Maryland, April, 24. Hope you all can make it.

Live Strong

Irish Celt