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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Update on Changes

A lot has been going on so here are some changes in my schedule..

Apr 28. Southern MD- Masters
May 12. Frederick MD- Pro
May 26. Masters Worlds, SC- Masters
June 23. Ohio. -Pro
July 14-15. Grandfather Mtn. NC- Pro/Masters
Sept. 1. Virginia HG- Pro
Sept. 14-15. Loon Mtn. NH- Masters
Oct. 20. Stone Mtn. Ga- Masters
Oct. 27. Richmond, Va- Pro
Nov. 3. Beach HG, NC- Masters

I am Coaching Shot put/Discus at First Flight HS... First meet is Mar.14
Needless to say I have been very busy with Training and Coaching, oh yeah and working!!

Kill it,
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