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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Grandfather Mtn. Results

There is always something special about the Grandfather Mtn. HG.  This year was the 57th year running.  The weather was perfect for a mid summer game in Carolina.  Partly cloudy high of 78 and low humidity.  Saturday I threw with the Pro class.  I had a personal record with the heavy hammer at 103' 8" for a second place behind one of our best hammer throwers Mike Pockoski.  I turned the Caber 3x but was not good enough as I turned 3, 11:45 and Wes turned it once for a 12:00.  I hit 15 standing WOB which is good for me..  I ended tie for 4th with big Kerry.
Sunday early morning again to throw with the Masters group.  Myself, Kerry and big Mike Nease threw Saturday and were a little beat up!
Kerry and I battled all day again trading 1st and 2nd's.  At the end Kerry won, but not without me pushing him.  I won the caber and sheaf.  I had 3 attempts at a new world record at 38', close but no cigar.  I still have a few games left to hit that!!  
Well im off to the gym to work out some of this soreness.

Kill it,
Irish Celt