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Monday, June 27, 2011

Round Hill HG

Me throwing the 28 lb. weight for distance, Iceland HG. You can see the weight at the upper edge of the green cage.

This weekend brings me to Norwalk, CT for a PRO games. This is going to be an awesome game with some of the best Pro's in the country. I'm in good shape and looking to do well with the Caber and Hammers!
The following weekend will be a 2 day games at Grandfather Mtn., NC. I'll keep you all posted!
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Iceland HG

Words can not describe the beauty and splendor of the Icelandic countryside. I posted some pix on my facebook.
The competition was great however Petur, the host and my rival had to pull out due to injury. Friday was Heavy Hammer and I won with a throw of 98'+, which was only 3' off my best. That night after dinner we drove 2.5 hrs and hiked about 1 mile up to visit the falls. Got back at 1:30am and it was still light- it stays light 24hrs/day till July!!
Sat. was light weight which I won with 70'+ , Open stone which I placed second with 41'+, then Caber which I won with 3- 12's. Another excursion to a BBQ which was a 2 hr. ride through the mountains. BBQ consisted of Whale meat, Potatoes and Lamb. I have to say, Whale meat was delicious... Then it was off to lift stones and to the farthest west and highest point in all of Europe. Another 1/2 mile hike- but well worth the calories!!!
Sunday was our last event with the weight over bar, which I won with a height of 18'. The weight sat up on the bar at 19' and rolled back!!
1st place overall in the end!!
Again, great times, great comp. and beautiful country!!!
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