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Friday, April 26, 2013

Typical day of Diet...

I had some requests to post what I ate in a typical day.  So here goes;
  1. Meal 1- 1 cp ckd oats, 30g protein pwdr, water
  2. Snack - piece of fruit usually apple or berries
  3. Meal 2- same as meal 1
  4. Snack- cliff bar
  5. Meal 3- 1 LG bowl mixed greens, sliced cheddar cheese, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, 5 oz grilled chicken breast, 1/2 cp sweet potatoes, 1cp steamed cabbage, 1/2 cp steamed brocolli
  6. Snack- Cliff bar
  7. Meal 4- same as meal 3 EXCEPT no salad
  8. Snack- raw almonds
  9. Meal 5- Salad like above, 5 oz lean sirlion, brown rice pasta with no sugar sauce
  10. Meal 6- 2 cps puffed Kamut cereal, 30g protein, water.
8-10 hrs of sleep
Water- probably about gallon +... Water is the only thing i drink.
Chiropractic adjustments 3-4x/wk
Massage 1-2x month
Workouts- lift, throw and conditioning- 2x/wk, Throw 2-3hr session/wk, Beach walk or sprints 2x/wk.
Usually 1-2 days off from any training.

Workout supplements are from
They are by far the best I have taken, and I have been for 35+ years.  They include for me
Kre Alkalyn - a great Creatine supp. that you DO NOT have to load up on.
Post Workout- Afterglow
Pre Workout- TBD
Protein- Whole Gains- mixes really easy and quick.

Daily supplements are all from Standard Process
Cod liver oil
Cataplex C- Vit C
Cataplex B- B complex
Trace minerals with B12
Ligaplex II- feeds musculoskeletal system and provides freedom of movement 
Calcium lactate
All of these are from whole foods.
For me this is the recipe to perform and recover at the best of my ability!!!

I am distributor for both companies..
And Thank you of course to my sponsor Bio Rhythm..

Kill it,
Irish Celt

Friday, April 12, 2013

5 weeks and counting/FOCUS...

With 5 weeks left till the World Championships my training and focus has ramped up with the emphasis on more throwing.  Strength levels are where they need to be so i am happy with that.  As I enter my In-season phase of training I dropped a day of lifting and picked up a day of throwing.  I hit all the lifts I need to do over 2 days and the 3rd day is 5-6 event training/throwing.  Right now I also do 1 event on the 2 lift days.  I will do this until I have achieved enough repetitions to feel comfortable, then drop them.
I would like to thank my sponsor  There supplements are great and they put a lot of effort into formulation and quality control.
Slow and steady.
Kill It,
Irish Celt