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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First up San Antonio

A little change in the schedule. San Antonio HG will be my first game this year, March 31. Training is right on schedule, bodyweight holding at 288-290, fitness levels are way up and overall performance is steadily climbing!
I took a Coaching job for the local High School starting mid Feb through mid April. Coaching shot put and discus. This should be fun!!
So I hope everyone is training in their own way and treating your bodies with the respect it deserves...

Kill It,
Irish Celt

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Year/12' Schedule

Happy New Year to all. First off I would like to thank my Sponsors- Bio-Rhythm Supplements, Standard Process whole food Supplements and Sheik Belts for there continued support through the new year and new season.
Training is right on target. Conditioning is as projected. Im settling in at about 289-291 which is about a 25lb weight loss.
Strength is up and joints are healed up. Throwing started Jan.1...
Here is a video of my 550 lb squat.. I know last year I did a 605 lb. squat, but I really didnt feel the need to stress my body out! I am focusing more on speed and flexibility this year!!
Here is 2012 Schedule;



Sarasota HG Feb. 4 Fl. Masters

San Antonio HG Mar. 31 Tx. Masters

Southern MD HG Apr. 21 MD. Masters

Kamen HG May 18 Germany Masters

Ohio HG June 23 OH. Pro

Grandfather Mtn HG July 14-15 NC Pro/Masters

Loon Mtn. HG Sept. 14-15 NH. Pro Masters

Celtic Classic HG Sept. 22-23 Pa. Pro Masters

Stone Mtn. HG Oct. 20 Ga. Pro Masters

Beach HG Nov. 3 NC Masters

2 add on's
Virginia HG
Sept. 1 Va. Pro

Richmond HG Oct.27 Va. Pro

More games may come ans some may go?? We shall see..

Kill It,
Irish Celt