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Friday, January 28, 2011

9 Weeks to San Antonio

My first World Record in 2010 at San Antonio, 36' Sheaf toss...

Training is going good and in 9 weeks I will be in Sunny San Antonio, Texas to defend my title from last year! Ed Cosner the meet director is bringing in some ringers. It will be one of the biggest Masters meet this year!
In a few weeks I will shift my training to 40-40-20, 40% Throwing, 40% Lifting and 20% conditioning. Right now i'm about 20-60-20, respectively.
The energy at the gym has been fantastic, with the addition to some good friends!
Thanks everyone for their support, especially my sponsors,
BioRhythm supplements and Schiek belts!

Deepest regards to the loss of a Fitness pioneer, Jack LaLanne... RIP!

Kill It,
Irish Celt

Monday, January 17, 2011

Exercise of the month

This is something new im trying. If you all like it I will continue with different exercises (or requests for exercises). There is no commentary to this one, but in the future there will be.

The Glute Ham raise- one of the most effective ways to work the Gluteus muscles (butt) and hamstrings.
Set the foot pads so the inside of your thighs are touching. Turn your feet out. Think of yourself as a scissors lift that will stretch out and be pulled back. Do NOT bend at the waist and come up, that is a back extension. Extend out and pull back with the glutes and hamstrings.
For beginners, have a partner stand out in front so you can hold on and push off if needed.

Have fun, and get those buns of steel.

Kill it,

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pre- Season/2011 Schedule

Today started my pre season which will consist of an emphasis on throwing. It really felt good to get out and throw! Probably be a little sore tommorrow.
Here is my 2011 schedule. Hope some of you can come out!

April 2- San Antonio Highland Games, Tx- Masters
April 30- Southern Md. HG, Md- Masters
May 14- Gatlinburg HG, Tn.- PRO
May 21- Maryville HG, Tn.- PRO
June 4- Iceland HG, Iceland- Masters
June 25- Ohio HG, OH- PRO
July 9-10 Grandfather Mtn. HG, NC- Pro and Masters
July 23-24 IHGF Masters 40+ World Championships, Belgium- Masters
July 30- Halkirk HG, Scotland- PRO
Sept. 3- Virginia HG, Va- PRO
Sept. 17- Loon Mtn HG, NH- Masters
Oct. 15- Stone Mtn. HG, Ga.- Masters

Kill It,
Irish Celt

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

OK, its a New Year, what are you going to do to make it your best ever Physically, Spirtually and Mentally!?
My Off- Season training is coming to an end. I achieved my goals; 605lb. rear squat, 300lb. strict press, 270lb. Snatch, loss bodyfat while maintaining weight and got into good physical shape!
Pre- Season training starts Jan. 8 and will last 12 weeks up to my first game April 2 in San Antonio, Tx.
I'll be posting my schedule for this year and hope some can come out and watch!

Kill it,
Irish Celt