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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

No.1 Belgium

Had a great games in Belgium winning the Masters and 3rd place in the Open. There were 15 competitors and the festival was awesome.

I won the Caber with a perfect 12 and had a personal record of 15’ 6” in the 56# weight over bar. I got an invite to Germany next may for the Masters Championships!

Next games will be 3 weeks, Pro Masters in New Hampshire… The season is hitting full swing with some very big games coming up!!

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Scotland first 2 games

The field at Crieff
Me, Sabastian Wenta- #1 Poland, Ali Gunn- 4x world champ, back in the day, Lucas Wenta-#2 Poland, Murray Gunn, Rusty Price- USA #3. Helmsdale games!

One must understand the Highland games circuit in Scotland to grasp how intense it is over here! We have a host Hotel, The Northern Hotel in Aberdeen this is our base camp. You basically leave here for a games which is any where from 1-4 hrs. away, compete all day and turn around and drive back. Indulge yourself into some high calorie, not always nutrient rich foods to sustain you! Get back to Hotel, sleep, get up, high calorie breakfast and do it again!!
That was basically my first 2 games here. Im holding my own, throwing decent, no prs yet!! Im expecting to hit a groove toward the end of the circuit!
Yesterday was the Scottish Championships held in the town of Crieff. This is the biggest games in Scotland and 5 out of the 9 are going to the World championships. Now mind you, this is all ONE class- The Heavies!! The best in the World... I am honored and privileged to be on the field with them!! Im turning some really big Cabers here!!
Next game Thursday in Oban, another 4 hr. drive. Leave for Belgium on Friday 6am!!! Compete there Sunday for the Belgium Open Championships, then back to Scotland for 2 more games!!
I'll update again..

Kill It,
Irish Celt

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ready for Scotland

I leave for Scotland wed. and start a series of competitions through out Scotland and one in Belgium. I have been in Ireland for 2 1/2 weeks with family. I've been getting some great lifting in with my partner Sharon. I located a stone that me and my boys laid down on the side of the road 3 years ago, believe it, they were still there... I was freaked out. I still have the stone and threw today with it.
I snatched 120k fairly easy last week and maintaining a 500# squat easy.
Ireland has been awesome and tomorrow I lift with the Irish National team in the town of Bray, just south of Dublin. Just a light tune up!!
Hope all is well in the States!!

Kill It,
Irish Celt