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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

End of Season

Stone Mtn. was my last game of the 2010 season. I had a great day throwing above average and one pr. I ended 2nd on the day next to Chris Chaffin, a great new masters thrower, who also set a new WR in WOB.
It is now time to reflect on the year. I did 12 games in 3 differant countries, won the World Championship, set 3 WR and had personal records in 8 out of 9 events!!!

Im looking forward to some great off season training and conditioning! Maybe even an Olympic Weightlifting meet!?

Thanks for all the support.
Kill It,
Irish Celt

Friday, October 8, 2010

Stone Mountain HG

All the Athletes I competed against in Germany! I prevailed #1... Hoorah

One of my favorite games at the end of the season. Stone Mountain is the first game I ever went to, and is where I met Legend thrower Larry Satchwell. Larry then invited me to his farm after I inquired about learning the throws, and the rest is history!!!
I had a little set back earlier in the week with an adductor strain from squats on Sunday! However im about 90% now and should be 100% by next weekends competition.
Final prep tommorrow and tues. and ill be ready to rock and roll!!!

Kill it,
Irish Celt

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Update Loon Mtn HG

After the WR toss.

Wow, when it think it could'nt get any better! Well first, when I arrived I had a Limo awaiting to pick me up, you know the guy holding the name sign, how awesome is that!!! Friday afternoon was the hammer throw at Plymouth State University. Again the Scotts show why they are #1, Alister Gunn with some nice throws winning both hammers... I could'nt find my groove with the light only throwing about 114+ for a 4th. The heavy was better with a 97+ for 2nd.

Sat. started good with the stones finishing 4th in both with mediocre throws 35+, 42+. Heavy weight was 3rd with 48+ and light weight was 2nd with 69+ and mediocre throws...

Caber 12 o'clock got me 3rd and WOB, which I won in Belgium with 19' was horrible only clearing 17'... With only 1/2 pt. ahead in second, I knew I had to win the next event which is a good event for me, the Sheaf... So here we go up to about 29' and I had 2 misses, there are still about 5 guys in, I had to make it or I would have dropped to 3rd or sure, so I made it on my last attempt...

So we work our way up to 34 6 and I make my first attempt and no one else made it, so i go 36 6 to break my old WR by 1", BAM- first attempt made it, the crowd of about 10,000 goes crazy. So I say "lets go higher".

So 37 6 for another WR, and BAM made it on first attempt... So what the hell go Higher- 38 6 for 3 good attempts but no go...

What an incredible feeling, people going nuts, shaking hands, congratulating, pictures- friggin awesome...

That night and the next day I went to eat and people are still congratulating me at the restuarant... Just simply amazing....

Stone Mountain HG in 4 weeks- I need some well deserved rest...

Kill It,

Irish Celt

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Hampshire HG

Gent, Belgium
This weekend I will be in NH for the games. Loon Mountain is the venue and last year there were 20,000+ cheering us on. You want to talk about a rush!!!

Im pretty much back to normal with my sleep. I had a great practice yeaterday, so we shall see!!! It will be a tough meet with some of the guys I competed with in Belgium plus a couple more great throwers!

Its good to back home and checking spines!!! However im already planning my trip for next year!

Friday 2pm starts the competition with the hammer throws at Plymouth State University. Then Sat. from 9-?...

I'll give updates ASAP!

Kill it,

Irish Celt

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Final days in Berlin

My German Family; Daniel, Liesa, Hans, and Magrit Dorow
My last 3 days were spent in a small town town outside of Berlin called Furstenwalde. It is the home of Sport Club, Stone- Walker ( ). Hans Dieter Dorow is the head master of the Club.

I have adopted this German family as my own... They took me in and treated me like family, Magrit, Hans wonderful wife fixed Breakfast every morning that was fit for a king, and dinners to fill you till morning. Their son, Daniel and his wonderful girlfriend Liesa showed me around Berlin and was my interpreter for the whole trip...

Hans is a brother in steel. At 51 his strength levels kept up with me in the Gym, we had a wonderful workout on Wed. Daniel and his friend Andre joined us. Oh yeah, Daniel and Andre are also Highland games competitors as well as Hans.

I first met Hans in Scotland last year and again in Belgium where we took the field together!

On Thurs. we traveled into Poland and had a great lunch with one of Han's friends...

I am now back in the USA and like they say "There is no place like home"... It was a LIFE changing and amazing experience. I recommend that everyone travel abroad- at least once!

Kill it,

Irish Celt

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Results Russelshiem, Germany

The Athletes in Russelshiem- we were bowing to the audience....
Well all I can say is that this was another amazing experience. I went up against Germany's top 3 in the country. There was a total of 15 guys competing. Started a bit rough, but average for me in the stones, these guys are great shot putters- Gunnan- germany's #1 was National shot put Champion in Germany and went to Olympics. I took 6th in OS and 5th in Braemar.

The weights were mine, hitting a pr in Light weight with 75' and the heavy weight 42'6 (it weighed light at 54#). I was 2nd in Heavy hammer with 99'5". I was 1 point out of 1st going into weight over bar, I got 1st (new pr)- 15' 4". That put me ahead going into Caber and I turned a perfect 12 to take the win and overall!!! Hoorah....

Off to Berlin to hang with Hans Dieter, a great guy- very strong!!!

Kill it,

Irish Celt

Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to Germany

I'm back in Germany preparing for another game here in Russelshiem, near Frankfurt. I dropped my Dad and Cousin at the airport this morning in Amsterdam then drove 5 hrs. here. I really got into some beautiful Germany countryside! It was made up of rolling hills and little villages. This is what we were looking for earlier.

I went over to the field and met the organizers, Bridgete and Frank. Nice people and really excited for me to be here. I better rest up tommorrow, I need to throw far Sunday- Hoorah!!!
Here is a picture of last weeks games and all the competitors...
Till next time,
Kill It,
Irish Celt

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

From Belgium, Germany to Amsterdam

Been a great trip so far. Went to Cologne, Germany on Mon. That was a cool city. Of course had lunch in the Hofbrauhaus- good food and beer, and visited the oldest known Cathedral in the world. Stayed in Essen, Germany that night then went to Utrecht, Netherlands tues. and spent the night- cool little town. Everyone rides bicycles, Elderly, Business people, young, and baby chairs on handlebars. It is an amazing site to see ALL the bikes in racks.... We are now in Amsterdam. Walked around a bit and the smell of pot will knock you on your a**. Of course it is legal here. You go in the coffee shops and order, low or high octane... I on the other hand will choose to go to the gym today- right next door to hotel. And perhaps a Hieneken tonight.
Well im off to train...
Kill it,
Irish Celt

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 2- Final results

Well, I did it. I came up from 5th and took 3rd... Wow, what a incredible day... First event I won the HW, and missed a new World Record by 1'. Second event LH, 3rd behind the 2 Scotts with a nice throw of 121'. Third event WOB- this was for the World Champion Masters Weight over bar and I pulled it out with a pr of 19'. That was all the scoring events and I pulled out 3rd by 1 point- Hell yeah!!! Next was a monster Challenge caber, about 19' 180#- I turned it on my second attempt for the win and was the only one to turn it!!!
I would like to thank my Dad and Cousin Joey for there support out there on the field!!!
Also the Germans invited me to do a game next week in Frankfurt- so hell yeah I will be there!!!
3 prs, BS, HW and WOB...

Kill it,
Irish Celt

Results Day 1

This is by far the most talented Masters Athletic field I have ever competed against. I am sitting 1/2 point out of 4th- so 5th place right now. I have some good events today, so if I have an above average day I can pull out 3rd. My pr Braemar was only good enough for 7th place- wow... The Germans have 3 guys, one was National East German champ and Olympian in shot putt, the other Olympian Hammer thrower and the other is built like Arnold.
I was pleased with my stones- BS- 36 2 for 7th, OS- 44+ for 5th, HH- disappointed, my first throw slipped then I never recovered holding on too tight, I only managed a 93+ for 5th. Also a bit down in the LW with 68+ for 4th. Then I had a good caber tieing for 1st. The 2 Scotts dominated the HH, throwing 112+...
Today HW, LH, Challenge Caber, WOB
More later...

Kill It,
Irish Celt

Friday, August 27, 2010

In Belgium

In Belgium getting ready to head to field. I have been to the venue, the Castle is breathtaking. Ill get some pix up soon, Internet is spotty. Im staying at a B&B in Grammene/Dienze. From what im told some really big WWII battles were faught around here. Went to Gent yesterday which dates back to 600... Wow, the architecture was amazing. A cool town with lots of people walking, cafes and sightseeing. The laungage barrier is a bit tough, but I am managing. Eating what you want is a challenge-nothing is in English... Just having a time and absorbing it all in!!! Well gotta throw some weights around...

Kill It,
Irish Celt

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In the Zone

After finishing 3rd last year at Worlds I had NO mercy on anyone. I came prepared for battle. I won 8 out of 9 events had 4 prs and set a new World Record in the 16# Sheaf tossing it 36' 5". I now understand what it means to be "in the zone" I truly felt it. It's like this, all the prep work has been done with hrs. upon hrs. of practice and lifting. You go on the field and your just thinking about competing, you hear nothing, you almost feel nothing, you step up and everything falls into place, and the pure joy and fun of watching the impliments go real far... Thanks to Sharon for helping me get ready for this game and being their for support!

Now I prep for Belgium...

Live Strong

Irish Celt

Friday, August 13, 2010

Colorado day before

Here I am sitting in my Hotel room in Lakewood, Colorado the day before the World Championships. It's 8:24am mountain time, Im eating my oats and have the slider wide open enjoying the 65 degree, 36% humidity weather.
The Mountain views are breathtaking, and driving through Denver last night was fun. Dinner at Whole fooods was just what we needed to put us down for a nice 10hr. sleep!
Not too much today, just resting up for tommorrow. Have to be at the field tonight to pick up packet...
I'll be in touch....

Live Strong,
Irish Celt

Friday, August 6, 2010

Tues. throwing session

Had the opportunity to practice with one of the top Pros in the World, Harrison Bailey on Tues. We practiced my 2 worse events right now- stone and 28. He really picked some things out, and I tried them and immediately threw farther. Cant wait to practice this wknd.
Preparations are going well for Colorado with the idea of peaking for Belgium!
Will keep everyone posted...
Remember- Never miss and opportunity to get better at anything, do what you want to do in LIFE- if your NOT it's your own fault!!!
Make it happen!!

Live Strong,
Irish Celt

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Worlds Prep

Preparations for Worlds are coming along. I'm feeling good and strong... Only 4 more workouts left till Colorado. I've been working on some technical issues with throwing and im figuring some things out! Im due for some big numbers!!! Thanks out to Todd for pushing me on the weekends!!!

Live Strong,

Irish Celt

Monday, July 26, 2010

Beach games update

Beach games were a huge success. We had 16 Athletes brave the extreme heat and throw their butt's off!!! Beau Faye retained his Championship 2 yrs in a row breaking a few field records. Mike Dickens was a close second and also broke a field record.
The real battle was in the lightweights with Thor Gylfason edging Todd Bryant out by 1 pt. Those 2 are one up after 2 comps.!
Frank Henry had a great day to win the Masters Division.
Thanks to Pro Eric Frasure for coming out and throwing demo with me...
Special Thanks to Sharon and the girls for helping out ALL day!!!
A little rest and then preparations start for the Masters Worlds in 3 wks...

Kill it,
Irish Celt

Friday, July 16, 2010

Beach HG

Next weekend is the 1st Annual Beach Highland Games. My training partner Todd has a tough lightweight class with Thor looking to exact revenge for his defeat from Todd earlier in the year.
It will be in Currituck at 9am Sat. the 24th. Anyone needing directions please email me at
Eric Frasure the #2 ranked Pro in the USA will be there doing a demo and I will be throwing/training with him...
This is just another stepping stone to Worlds in Colorado and Belgium!

Hope you all can make it.

Kill it,
Irish Celt

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Update GMHG

This is by far one of my favorite games- Grandfather Mountain HG! Saturday was low 80s low humidity. I threw Professional Sat. and had a good day. I tied the current World champ for 1st in the Caber and placed second in the sheaf (20lb) hitting 31' and 3 good attempts at 33' for what would have been a new World record.
I finished 4th on the day out of 6.
I got talked into throwing Sunday too with the Masters. Another beautiful day and another good day for me. I won the Masters, nothing spectacular just consistant. Man I am still beat up!!!
After the game I took the girls to a waterfall and they had a blast jumping from the rocks, to me that was the highlight!!!
Well back to training tommorrow to get ready for the 1st annual Beach HG, July 24th in Currituck!!!
Kill it,
Irish Celt

Monday, July 5, 2010

Grandfather Mountain HG

Final preparations for GMHG are in the works. Competition is this weekend the 10th. GM is a huge festiaval with thousands of people, really gets the adrenalin flowing... I'll be heading there with my favorite girls!
Last workout tommorrow. This is a Pro games and sheaf will be included. Haven't tossed sheaf since May!
Well gotta get some rest...

Live strong,
Irish Celt

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Update Ohio HG

What an awesome field of World class Athletes I had the pleasure to be competing with!!! I held my own having 2 prs on the day finally hitting 100' 4" with the Heavy Hammer and clearing 15' with the 56# over the bar. I ended up 8 out of 10.
Im starting preparations for Grandfather Mountain HG, July 10. I will be competing pro their also.
The picture is my finish with the 56- 15'...

Live strong,
Irish Celt

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ohio HG

Traveling to Wellington Ohio (below Cleveland) for the Ohio Highland Games. This is a Pro meet and I will be going up against some of the top Pro's in the country and Canada. I'm feeling good and after tommorrow's rest I'll be ready to kill it!!!
Stay tuned for a full update...

Live Strong,
Irish Celt

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rhode Island results

Stepping on the field with legend Don Stewart was an Honor. I was really jacked up for this game. He and I battled in the stones and weights tying after 4 events. He passed on hammer due to shoulder issues, I launched a new pr of 97' 7". We battled in WOB and I came out on top with 18' and near miss at 19'. Caber was all mine when I picked the biggest one they had and turned a 12:15.
Lightweight Todd had a battle on his hands also and came out the victor. So OBX came home with 2 Golds!!!
Much more work to do for Ohio which will be a Pro game for me June 26!
I have a HUGE decision to make before July 1. Whether to go to Colorado and compete in the World Championships or save myself for the Masters World invitational Championships in Belgium.
The problem is that Colorado is 2 weeks before Belgium...
1- If I go to Worlds will I recover in time for Belgium?- Belgium is a definite go!
Any feed back would be appreciated!
Live strong,
Irish Celt

Friday, May 28, 2010

Next- Rhode Island HG

2 weeks till Rhode Island. My friends Sam Grammer and Kate Mason are putting this game on. They are throwers themselves so I know we will be taken care of. Looking forward to it! This will be Todd's first contested Lightweight game- Go Todd!! Training is going great, im figuring some things out with my technique. So as long as my elbow holds up I expect some good numbers with my weights.
Going to stay an extra day and take in the sights and sounds of Boston. I have never been so im looking forward to it!
On a different note; I am hosting the 2010 NC State Weightlifting Championships this weekend, Sunday the 30th. I have 4 lifters that I have been working with and im looking forward to them having a great meet. They have been working really hard and im excited for them!
Go Beth, Sharon, Michael, Mark and Alec....
Live Strong,
Irish Celt

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rocky Mount update

Rocky Mount was an interesting setting for a Highland games because it was at a Renaisaince faire. In case your not familiar, its around the King Henry era and everyone is dressed up for the event. There was a few Jesters running around, some faeiries, armour, jousting, fire spitters and wenches.... needless to say i think they were a bit off guard with big men throwing stuff in Kilts...
I threw professional with Eric Frasure and Mike Pokoski, the #2 and #4 ranked guys in USA. I had a descent day throwing, 2 prs in the hammers and one in WOB.
Been resting the last few days and ready to get at it tommorow and get ready for Rhode Island in June...

Live Strong,
Irish Celt

Friday, April 30, 2010

Rocky Mount HG

Rocky Mount Highland Games are approaching fast, May 15. This is the first yr. for Scottish heavy Athletics. We are throwing at the King Henry Renaissance fair, so I'm not sure their will be too many bagpipers there?!

I am competing Pro at this game, so time to get the 56 and 22 out!!!

I hit some pretty good lifts on Thursday and Sat. will be a throwing day with Sunday a lift day!!

Nursing a couple of dings, other then that feel pretty good. If you don't have a couple dings in this sport your not throwing hard enough!!!

This is truly the hardest sport I have been involved with that takes its toll on the body!!

Live Strong,

Irish Celt

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Southern Maryland HG

The day started out 55 and rainy... The Masters group, which i was in started in reverse order- definitely NOT my favorite. Its really hard to get in a groove. The WOB was first and I was a little off of accuracy but managed to nail 18' and just barely missed 19... 19-20' will fall this yr.!!! Next was sheaf. It was hard to get up for this after hitting a new WR last game. I won with 27', then went to 30' and made it. I was going to stop there but what the heck, people come for a show, so I went to 33' and just barely missed. I have to say that 3' jumps are not advised once over 30'.

LH was next and I was really expected 120'+... However not to be. 108 11 was the best I could muster on that.

Next was stone, I managed a 43 3 which I was happy about... Anything over 40' for me is good. Im feeling a whole lot more in me for this yr., say 46-48'???

Weights next, 42, 28... 42 went 47 11, not that bad, however the 28 only went 64+. I was really disappointed with that considering I have been hitting over 70'+ the last game and the last few games last yr.??

Last event Caber. Of course the guys pick the lightest stick their is, so its just a subjective event because almost everyone turned it... My best was a 12:05??? I mean come on, it was clearly a 12. Oh well, never argue with the judge.

So I won 6 out of 7 events, no prs, and 1st overall.

So today was a mediocre game. I felt really good going in, but as the day went on I realized I didnt get enough rest last week and a couple stressful situations through me off. Its really amazing, when you get to a certain level, the littlest things will throw your game off!?

The day drug out, 15 guys in my class so a minimum of 10+ minutes between throws, started about 10 and went straight through till about 5:30p! The rain subsided and the weather was over cast and about 55 which was nice for throwing.

I was so glad my family came out to watch.

Todd had a good solid game hitting some prs and finishing 2nd in the Am B's... Great job Todd!

Live Strong,

Irish Celt

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Week and a half out..

With less than 11 days to Southern MD HG training has been going great, a couple of dings here and there but nothing to complain about.

I got some great news today that my Family is coming out to the games, Mom and Dad and Sis with brother in law. Lets pray for good weather. Last year it was 100 on the field...

5 training sessions left... Going out tonight to throw. The weather is perfect 55 and sunny.

Live Strong,

Irish Celt

Friday, April 9, 2010

2 weeks to Southern MD.

Training is going as expected. Getting some good quality lifting and throwing. As I approach 47 training is based more on quality than quantity, which is very hard for me because I enjoy training so much! Recovery is the key to any successful training routine.
Be smart and train for LIFE...

Live Strong,
Irish Celt

Friday, April 2, 2010

San Antonio HG

My first game of the year was in beautiful San Antonio, Texas. I traveled with Todd and Tim both new comers to the sport. They have been training really hard with me. We all had a great day of throwing, Todd hit 6 personal records (prs) and came in first, Tim had 3 prs and came in 4th and I had 4 prs came in 1st and set a new World Record in the Sheaf toss.

Next game is in Southern Maryland, April, 24. Hope you all can make it.

Live Strong

Irish Celt

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2010 Season

Here is my schedule of Highland Game competitions for 2010;

San Antonio, Tx. 3/28

Southern Md. 4/24

Rocky Mount, NC 5/15

Rhode Island, 6/12

Granfather Mtn., NC 7/10-11

Outer Banks, NC 7/24

Denver, Co., World Championships, 8/14-15

Belgium Masters Championships, 8/28-29

Ligonier, Pa. 9/11

Loon Mtn, NH 9/19

Stone Mtn., Ga. 10/16

Richmond, Va. 10/23

Special thanks to my Sponsors;

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