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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Optimum Health

In short the only way to achieve Optimum Health is two fold.  One of course your diet and two cardiovascular conditioning.  Ideally, 3x/wk weights and run/walk and 6 days vigilance on eating clean.  Im not going to get into what is "clean eating" in this post.  We'll save that for another post.
I am almost at my target weight of 245 lbs.  I am currently 248 down from 293 in January.

I would like to examine running/walking, this is MY observation. ( 1-2.5 miles 3-4x/week) at aerobic capacity.  
Cardiovascular output improvement = healthy heart
Lower BP
Organ shifting 
Increase blood flow = faster recovery
Makes a sedentary person stronger
Fat burn
Increase stamina

Bad for hips, knees and ankles
Makes a strength athlete very weak

I personally enjoy the meditative trance I get from running.  A balance is needed for any person who trains physically 4-5x/wk.  Hot and Cold- a sort of Yin and Yang.  Although they are thought of as opposing forces, I look at it as complementary forces.  Exertion (lifting or calethstenics, etc..) is hot while run/walk is cold, use the two to form the perfect balance in the physical realm.  
I will continue on in my new journey and strive for optimum health..
My current training schedule is as follows;
Mon.- run 1.5 miles walk 1 mile
Tues.- Snatches, pulls and back work.  Jump rope and row, 20 min.
Wed.- Run 1.5m walk 1m
Thurs.- Power cleans, press, rear squats and leg work.  Prowler, kb swings, row, 20 min
Fri.- Run 1.5m walk 1m
Sat.- Chest and arm work, walk 1.5 m
Sun.- row, jump rope, kb swing, 20 min.  OR active reast
Take a day off every 15 to 20 days.

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